Why do cops touch your tail light

The police officer walks up to your car. You are not sure why they stopped you. Check the glove box in your car for the registration and proof of insurance. The police officer might tap on the back tail light, so make sure it is not broken. At https://taillightbulb.com/ you can check if your tail lights are in order.

To Leave Behind Evidence

Police cars these days have dash cams that record what happens during an encounter. But back in the day, officers would leave fingerprints as evidence. If something bad happened during the stop, the fingerprints would show that the officer was there.

To Startle The Driver

Police officers have to be careful when they stop a car. The person in the car might have a gun or drugs. So the police officer might tap on the tail light to distract the person and hide any contraband.

“The driver is likely not expecting the noise of the tap – which typically causes him or her to stop for a moment, giving the police officer additional time to witness what the driver is trying to hide (if there is anything),” The Law Dictionary says.

Now, police officers wear body cams and dash cams. The era of when people tapped the tail lights of cars is over. This is because if you hear a tap now, it's probably out of habit, not necessity.

To Make Sure The Trunk In Latched

Police officers put their lives at risk every day. They have to be prepared for danger and violence. Sometimes they do things that may startle you, but it's for your safety. For example, if an officer thinks they are in a dangerous situation while they are pulling you over, they may touch the back end of your car to make sure no one is hiding in the trunk. This may sound strange, but it's for your safety and the officer's safety.

Police officers sometimes check whether car trunks are closed. This is to make sure that drivers can't hide anything or get a weapon. There will typically be two officers: one who checks the trunk and one who approaches the window.

Do Cops Still Touch Tail Lights?

Many crimes happen in the street. Cops are in more danger than before. That is why they have new technology to make driving safer. They put cameras on almost every corner, and cops wear cameras that show everything they see while they're driving or talking to someone who was speeding, for example.

Some police departments still tell their officers to leave some kind of fingerprint evidence on your car. It doesn't have to be a tail light. If you get pulled over and the officer touches your tail light, it's likely out of habit rather than necessity.

Is It Safe For A Cop To Touch Your Tail Light?

Police officers touch your tail light when they pull you over. This seems like an innocent thing to do, but it can actually be dangerous for the officer. Some police departments tell their officers not to touch tail lights at all, while others tell them to only touch the side of the vehicle, not the back. 

Touching the tail light could put the officer right behind the car, which would put them at risk of being hurt if something bad happens. Officers must always be prepared for anything that could happen when they approach any car.