Who Makes Supertech Oil? And What Are the Differences with Other Oils?

If you are a trained mechanic or sports enthusiast, you would know the difference an oil can make to a car's performance. Using the right type can help you maintain better health of your engine, improve fuel economy and keep up with extreme weather. 

One stand-out feature of Supertech Oil is its attention to the needs of different vehicles. It has specifically engineered oils for almost all mechanical problems and maintenance requirements. The article introduces the company behind the famous oil brand Supertech and its competitors.  

Who makes Supertech Oil?

Supertech is one of the older and widely used oil brands catering to various vehicle needs. The company behind the brand is Warren Oil Company International. Founded in the twentieth century, the company quickly became the largest oil and gas manufacturer by the 1950s. 

Today, Warren has earned millions of loyal customers in multiple industries for its lubricants and oils. With six manufacturing facilities in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Alabama, it caters to the agriculture, automotive, and heavy-duty equipment market. Its vast range of product lines is distributed internationally, including the Supertech Oil line.  

Pros of Supertech Oil

Drivers across the globe prefer Supertech Oil because of its tolerance to extreme temperatures. It does not thicken or break down during extremely low or high temperatures compared to natural petroleum-based oil. Moreover, it does not evaporate fast like other alternatives. 

Being an expert in lubrication, the company's Supertech Oil holds excellent lubrication qualities too. It helps with keeping all engine components well-lubricated and protected from too much friction. 

Along with these benefits, Supertech Oil also possesses superior viscosity, which helps with maintaining better fuel efficiency. The company's products are also affordable compared to competing brands. 

Supertech Oil vs. Other Competitors Oils

It's no doubt that engine oil can never be one-size-fits-all. Every Oil brand specializes in oil types with their advantages and disadvantages. Below is an in-depth comparison of Supertech against its competitors to help you make better decisions for your specific car needs.  

Supertech vs. Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a direct rival of Supertech and contains product lines with a formulation similar to Supertech Oil. Both companies cater to the same consumer market and target lubrication needs. 

Even though these two big oil brands don't have much difference, Mobil 1 is considered higher quality by some. One reason for this can be the brand’s comprehensive endorsement from Nascar. The brand is also significantly pricier, which consumers believe reflects the superior quality. Overall, both brands offer similar oil specifications, qualities, temperature tolerance, and other features. 

Supertech vs. Castrol

Castrol is the next best alternative to Supertech oil and possesses the most similar qualities. Like Supertech Oil, the brand also offers high tolerance to extreme weather and prevents thickening and reactions. 

One significant difference is the fuel efficiency and Mileage. Castrol can last up to 15,000 miles, while Supertech maxes out at about 7,000 miles. The brands are also priced very differently for this slight difference, with Supertech Oil costing much less. 

Supertech vs. Amazonbasics

AmazonBasics is a quickly rising brand with high levels of customer acquisition. Backed by one of the biggest companies, the brand has quickly caught up with the older brands and offers excellent features for a low price. 

Compared to Supertech, the brand has an SN rating, which is one of the highest ratings in the oil industry. However, it doesn't perform as well in low temperatures. The brand is more well-known for improving fuel economy and being excellent at protecting the emission systems.