Who Makes Icon Tools? A Complete Guide

There is a rising trend for DIY-ing expensive mechanical installations and fixtures. More and more people now prefer looking up guides and spending a few hours on the project themselves rather than paying for high labor costs. 

Because not everyone can afford the high-end, professional mechanic tools, the need for cheaper alternatives is also on the rise. Icon Tools is one brand catering to such needs without compromising quality and durability. 

Who Makes Icon Tools?

Harbor Freight, a California-based company, makes icon tools. With more than a thousand stores in 48 states, its products are preferred by customers all across the globe. Despite being a well-known brand with thousands of loyal customers, its products are priced affordably. 

While a considerable name today, the company used to operate as a mail-order company in the late '90s. During those times, Harbor Freight specialized in the business of returned and liquidated merchandise. Today the company is renamed Harbor Freight Tools and earns its trust by providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all its Icon Tools. 

Along with brick-and-mortar stores, the company distributes its products to other mechanic tool shops and online services. This made the Icon Tools widely available in the market, which can be found in most local shops or third-party marketplaces like Amazon. 

Icon Tools is an extensive product line with multiple mechanical kits and sets, including wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and screwdrivers. 

Where are Icon Tools Manufactured?

While Harbor Freight Tools ensures and deliverse complete operational excellence and quality standards, the products are manufactured in Taiwan. There is a negative connotation attached to products made in Southeastern Asia, but this is not the case. 

With expert craftsmanship and precision techniques, all tools are ensured to deliver the highest qualities of standards. Icon tools are preferred by experienced and beginner mechanics alike for precision, performance, and durability. 

Is Icon Tools a Good Brand?

Icon tools have earned thousands of positive reviews and recommendations by beginner and professional mechanics. The company ensures complete reliability and long durability for all its products, 

Compared to other brands, you get a better combination of strength, precision, and affordability. With thousands of mechanics recommending it as the go-to brand, it's safe to call it more than just a good brand. 

Do Icon Tools Come with Lifetime Warranty?

All Icon tools products come with a lifetime warranty with generous return policies. This makes trying out the new brand completely risk-free, whether you are buying a complete kit or just a pair of screwdrivers. 

If for any reason, you find the tools are not a good match for your needs, the company offers a no-questions-asked warranty where you don't have to fulfill any unfair return conditions. 

Why are Harbor Freight tools so Cheap?

Icon Tool's affordable pricing can also be perceived as a con by some individuals buying high-end tools. Some believe that the low price is a sign of low-quality tools that deliver reliable performance. 

However, the company is only offering superior pricing because it can cut off the expensive intermediaries and save on costs. Moreover, it has built-in operational efficiencies and capabilities that allow it to produce products at a large scale, driving down prices further. 

Is Icon better than Pittsburgh?

Both Icon Tools and Pittsburgh Tools are some of the most recommended when it comes to all-rounder mechanic tools. However, which one is comparatively better will depend on your specific needs. For Icon Tools, you can remain ensured that they won't let you down when it comes to strength and precision.