When you want to turn, how far from your turn must you signal?

The turn signals on your car tell people what you are going to do. It is important because cars crash if people don't know what the other driver is doing. You can help by using your turn signal every time you want to make a change, like when you are turning or driving away from something. 

Also, the law says that you must use them before the maneuver so people will know what is happening.

How to Use Turn Signals

Most cars have a lever next to the steering wheel. Pulling it down activates lights on the right side of your car, and pushing it up activates lights on the left side. Brake lights come on automatically when you step on the brakes. If your headlights are faulty, you can find the best fit for your car at https://turnsignalbulb.com/.

The Right Times to Use Turn Signals

Use your turn signals or a hand signal when doing any of the following:

  • Making a left or right-hand turn at an intersection
  • Entering a driveway or parking lot on either side of the road
  • Parking on the side of the street
  • Pulling over to the side of the road
  • Changing lanes
  • Passing another vehicle on the road
  • Merging with traffic when entering a roadway
  • When leaving a roundabout

Even if there is no other vehicles or pedestrians in the area, you should use your turn signals. There may be traffic you cannot see, and using them should be a habit in every situation.

When to Turn On Your Turn Signals

When you turn left or right at an intersection, you should be in the lane closest to the direction you are turning. Put your turn signal on before 100 feet before entering the intersection. When driving on a highway and indicating an exit, lane change, or overtake, start your indicator lights 900 feet before making the change.

Using Hand Signals for Turning and Stopping

If your car's signal lights or brake lights aren't working, then you need to use hand signals. Hold up your arm by the driver side window and make a turn in that direction.

If you use turn signals or hand signals, you will avoid traffic collisions and tickets. And the safety of all people on the road is improved.