What Does ECO Mean on A Car and When You Should Use It?

There have been innovations in the automobile industry to the extent of a revolution. Modern cars have new designs and are equipped with the latest technology and unique features that improve efficiency, save fuel and make the vehicles friendly to the environment. One such feature is the ECO mode, and we will be discussing it in detail.

Many people are unaware of eco mode: What is it, how does it work, when should it be used, and how should it be turned off?

 What is ECO Mode in A Car?

 Eco is the short form of the economic model, and in a majority of the vehicles, the control system of this feature is on the left side of the steering wheel. 

As the name suggests, Eco mode is a feature that helps to decrease the fuel consumption of your vehicle by doing some alterations in the engine and transmission system so you can travel longer distances while saving fuel.

How does this mode reduce the consumption of gas? Doing some changes in the engine and transmission system of your vehicle eco mode reduces the response rate of throttle, which helps in improving fuel economy. This means that eco mode is not available in electric cars because electric cars do not need gas.

When To Use Eco Mode?

Another critical question is when you should use the Eco mode? The best time to use eco mode is when you are driving at low or average speed, and you only have to travel small distances. 

For example, you will grab a cup of coffee, go shopping or take a trip to some park nearby; these are the prime times for you to use Eco. It would be best not to utilize Eco mode for longer drives, like driving between cities.

Is Eco Mode Bad for Car?

Eco mode has its advantages and disadvantages, but professionals are convinced that if you use the eco mode as it was meant to be used, there will be no problem for the car. 

Still, if you abuse the mode constantly over long periods, it can cause concern. Its inappropriate use can cause a shortage of engine oil, seriously damaging the engine. You should also know that using Eco mode is not a good idea.

Should I Drive with Eco ON or OFF?

As I have explained earlier, there are conditions when you should not use Eco mode; let’s look at some of those situations.

When Driving Uphill

When driving uphill or on a slanted surface, the transmission system has to shift gear continuously. We already know that eco mode makes the transmission system somewhat sluggish, so you should never use it when driving on a sloppy road.

While Driving on Highway

When driving on highways, you need to speed up the vehicle, but this will not be possible with the Eco mode on. So it’d be better if you did not use Eco mode on a highway.

During A Hot Day

When the outside temperature is high, and you need to turn the AC on, it’d be best to turn the Eco mode off because it will make the AC less effective.