What Are the Best Oil Filter Brands in 2022?

Not many car owners understand the difference a good oil filter can make to the car’s performance and an engine’s health. Even though small and hidden by the bigger picture, oil filters are essential to keeping your engine clean from harmful contaminants. 

With hundreds of brands out there, selecting a reliable filter for your car can seem frustrating. Here are 5 top brands that check all the boxes, including brand reputation, customer experience, and performance. 

1. Bosch Oil Filters

Bosch has been a leading auto parts supplier for decades, and its expertise reflects in the oil Filters line as well. The brand offers one of the highest quality oil filters with an incredible 99 percent efficiency. Its Oil filters are used by millions of car owners and loved for their capacity to hold up to 14 grams of dirt for both synthetic and natural oils. 

Both car enthusiasts and expert mechanics recommend Bosch filters for their ability to match OEM requirements and maintain an engine’s well-being by filtering out the smallest amount of contaminants.

2. Purolator Oil Filters

Purolator is one of the most well-known when it comes to filters for synthetic oil. The products are manufactured in the US and have accumulated a loyal customer base since its 90 years of inception. 

To maintain the highest quality standards, the company sources its oil filters from Mann+Hummel, the industry-leading manufacturer within the oil filtration industry.

With more than 2,000 different options, Purolator caters to multiple market segments and consumers with varying maintenance needs. A simple visit to its store will get you numerous options of oil filters that perfectly match the needs of your particular car. 

3. Mobil 1 Oil Filters

Mobil 1 is probably the most trusted brand with the most extensive customer base, not only for oil filters but also its high-quality engine oil. The brand offers one of the highest efficiency in the industry at 99.6 percent and can accommodate up to 28 grams of dirt and pollutants. This is above-average compared to other competing brands, making them the perfect choice for performance-oriented individuals. 

Along with the excellent performance, its oil filters are sought after and the superb performance because of the superior usage efficiency they provide. Mobil 1 filters will last any car up to 15,000 miles when used with synthetic oils. 

4. Motorcraft Oil Filters

With high endorsement from car brands like Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury, Motorcraft has quickly grown in popularity over the years. The mentioned car brands endorse the filters as the original equipment manufacturers. This should be enough to indicate the high construction quality and filtering performance the brand’s oil filters offer. 

While not as popular with the consumer of the day-to-day need, the brand is one of the most recommended for sports enthusiasts and car tech enthusiasts.  

5. AMSOIL Oil Filters

AMSOL has been in the filtration industry since 1972 now, and its high operational excellence and quality standards are genuinely reflected in the oil filters. The brand focuses on creating high-quality, premium filters that last longer and perform better than the competing brands. 

Its primary differentiation is the ability to maintain high-performance cars by filtering out the oil quicker than any other brand. Its oil filters allow the oil to pass through the filters quickly, making the process more efficient with a smartly engineered design.