How To Reset Car Radio Without Code

The security system of your car's radio protects against theft so that the thief can't access the audio system, but sometimes this can also cause a problem for the owner. If you own a car, you might have experienced this awkward situation. It might happen to you in the future that after carrying out the maintenance or changing the battery, the radio system gets locked. 

If you know the year, make, model, or VIN no. of your vehicle, this problem is easy to solve because you'll be able to reset the radio with code. But if you cannot find the code, the situation can get tricky.

If you are already facing this issue, read this article thoroughly. We will discuss finding the code to reset your vehicle's radio or reset the car radio without code.

 Where to Look for the Code?

To reactivate the radio best method is to search for the code and use it. Now the question is where you can get the code. Let's look at potential locations where you can get it.

 Consult Your Owner's Booklet

The very first place you should check for the radio code is your owner's booklet. Usually, you can find the brochure in the glove box, and this booklet has information about how to service, do maintenance and operate different systems of your vehicle. Check the index of the brochure to see if there is anything about the radio code. I am not sure about other cars, but the owners of Nissan can find the code in the booklet. If you have bought the car from another person (as a second-hand vehicle), you can also look for notes the previous owner might have left in the booklet.

Visit the Manufacturer's Website

If you didn't find the code in the booklet, you should visit the manufacturer's website because many manufacturers have an online database to find the code by entering the year, model, or VIN no. But if you are using an aftermarket audio system, you should skip this step.

Visit the Local Dealership:

If neither of the options mentioned above was helpful for you, you could try going to the local dealership or the place where you bought the car. You might have to show the vehicle registration for safety purposes.

Step by Step Method on How to Reset Car Radio Without Code:

With this hack, you can bypass the radio code, we have tried it for Honda and Acura models (2010 and afterward), and it works perfectly.

  • The first step in bypassing the radio codes is to turn the ignition ON.
  • The next step is to turn the radio on and check any code visible on the screen. If it shows the code, then turn the audio system off.
  • Pressing the power button and holding it after turning the audio system off.

Stay patient and hold the power button for about 50 minutes. Within this time, the hack will work, and the audio system will start working without code.

Bottom Line

It's best to find the code, but even if it isn't available, you can use the hack. We hope this will solve the problem for you.