How to connect reverse camera to reverse light

Not everyone likes to admit it, but when you back up your car long driveways or out of tight spots, it can be hard. It is hard to see all the things around your car. One way you can see better is with a camera on the back of the car. The camera will show everything behind your car so you don't hit anything and make other people mad. For more details, you can find out at

Can a Reverse Camera be Fitted to my Car?

Although they usually come standard in a new car, you can also add them to an old car. You have to have a place for the camera. If you drive a type of car that has displays near the back of the windshield, then your dash-cam or head unit might be able to show what is going on behind you. Make sure that your car supports this before buying it.

You can use a screen to show people your videos. You can also use a screen that clips over your mirror. You might want to do this if you don't have a screen or if you want it not to be permanent.

How Easy is it to Install a Reverse Camera?

Installing a reverse camera is usually quick and easy. For example, if you are comfortable with removing some things from your car (like interior trim) and connecting wires, then it will be simple to run wires into a head unit or other display.

 You may need to drill some holes in the car depending on how you want to connect the wires, but it will not be too hard. It is also easy if you know how to use electricity too.

Where Do You Put a Reverse Camera?

When you are choosing where to put your reverse camera, the first and most obvious place to put it is at the back of your car. But it is not that simple. You also need to think about where it will not be blocked by anything and also where it will not be interfered with when you open the boot of your car. 

If you carry bikes or other luggage on a rack, or if you tow a trailer frequently, then you might want to put your reverse camera in a different place. Remember that depending on where you put your reverse camera, the picture that it displays may be different.