All You Need To Know About Power Steering Fluid Color

There are two types of steering in vehicles: power and manual steering. Most modern cars are equipped with power steering. 

Power steering is further divided into electric and hydraulic power steering. Today we will explore everything you need to know about the power steering fluid, a fluid used in hydraulic power steering.

There are different moving parts in the steering system protected by fluid. When you look at the color of the liquid, you can get a lot of information because contaminated or harmful fluid can harm the steering system. Power steering fluid is available in different grades and brands, and this article explains their differences and colors.

Power Steering Fluid Types

Different types of power steering fluids exist, and before you choose, you must consider several factors. Model and make is one such thing that can define what fluid you should use for the vehicle. Some vehicles require ADF, and some need synthetic power fluids which flow smoothly even at low temperatures. 

Other types of liquids are available besides universal fluids. The manufacturer may recommend certain additives. Hence, you should always consult your vehicle's owner's manual before buying a power steering fluid. This section will look at the types of power steering fluids and their composition.

Mineral Power Steering Fluid

This fluid contains refined petroleum components and additives, which make it more effective. There is no reaction between the rubber and natural power steering fluid, which is very inexpensive.

Semi-Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Synthetic and mineral compounds are used to make this steering fluid. Semi-synthetic power steering fluids provide better lubrication, reduced viscosity, and less foam formation. Rubber reacts to some degree with this fluid because it is aggressive towards it.

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid:

 You should use this fluid if it's suitable for your vehicle. Polyesters, refined petroleum components, and polyhydric alcohols are synthetic power steering fluid components. It does not react with rubber and flows smoothly even at low temperatures, thus improving the life of different parts.

Universal Fluids:

Vehicles of all types can use universal fluids. They reduce friction and ensure better steering performance.

What Color is Power Steering Fluid Supposed to Be?

Fluids come in various colors, which makes them easy to distinguish. It is important to distinguish between colors, especially in case of a leak. Red, pink, or transparent is the standard color of steering fluid, so if yours is any of these colors, it means that your fluid is in good condition.

The fluid's color will turn yellow if it has been contaminated with coolant. When water is added to liquid, the color will turn milky, or the fluid will foam up. An aged fluid will turn black or brown. 

All these colors indicate that you should replace the power steering fluid in your vehicle. If you are familiar with your car, the fluid can be changed by yourself. In any case, you should consult an expert.