LS3 Vs. LS7 Engine: What's The Difference

Everything has a heart, and when talking about a vehicle, the heart is the engine. Over time, we have witnessed automotive manufacturers making many brilliant engines and LS engine series among them. To be more specific in this article, our goal is to compare two high-performance engines, the LS3 vs. LS7, to find the better one.

If you are a car enthusiast or just interested in knowing the features and functionality of both these engines, then stay tuned.

LS3 vs. LS7 Specifications

Any comparison between engines will not be complete without comparing their specifications. Being members of the LS series, both machines have some similarities. The most evident similarity is that both the engines are an updated version of the LS2 engine. 

The engine block of these two engines is very similar to LS2, and their builds are a combination of aluminum, titanium, and steel, which gives them the lightness and sturdiness they are famous for. Lastly, both the engines also share a 58X ignition system which is quite efficient.

One of the main differences between the 2 is displacement which is 7-liter for LS7 and 6-liter for LS3. Another aspect that differentiates these two from their predecessor is the size of the bore, which is greater than LS2. The bore size is almost the same for both, but the LS7's bore is thicker by a few millimeters.

Another thing to measure is the horsepower (hp) between both engines, and LS7 takes the lead here with 505 hp, whereas LS3 produces 430 hp. But if a supercharger is installed in LS3, it can push the hp to higher peaks.

LS3 vs. LS7 Reliability

Reliability/durability is a must-have aspect of finding the better between LS3 and LS7. So which is more reliable, LS3 or LS7? We know that both engines are popular products of General Motors, have similar builds, and are mostly aluminum, making them light but sturdy. They are almost identical, but LS7 is a little ahead here because it can generate more power ( 505 hp and a torque of 470 lbs-ft).

LS3 vs. LS7 Performance

Performance is another aspect that circles power output. The LS3 has a displacement of 6 liters and generates 430 hp, which can be increased with a supercharger, but LS7 can generate 505 hp with 7-liter removal, which mods can increase.

LS3 vs. LS7 Engine Price

Price is a significant factor to pay attention to when purchasing a vehicle. Many people might want to save some bucks and buy cheap components, which is not recommended. When comparing these two engines, both are better than most, and you can choose either one depending upon your requirements and budget. T

Depending on where you buy it, the LS3 has a price tag somewhere between $9,000-$13,000. On the contrary, an LS7 engine has a price tag of $14,000-$17,000. There is a difference of around $4k, which is not tiny, so people looking for the best value should buy the LS7, while those who want a more affordable option should go for the LS3.


LS7 is better if you want more power output and LS3 is better if you opt for the more economical option.